Snow in the spring

Spring is supposed to be here

full of green, and warm showers.

The rain this morning had me worried

but the weather report soothed my fears.

47 degrees by the afternoon! Or

something like that.

So I left for work.

But the rain continued

and it hovered around 30 all afternoon.

My heart was wrung out,

the consistency of wet jeans, and

full of worry for you both.

For even though you have a shelter,

you refuse to use it.

Is it the sound the rain makes

on the metal roof?

Or do you feel full of your

wild ancestors, with nothing

but trees and cunning to

protect them from the elements?

I came home to find you shivering

and quite miserable.

As I fed you hay to

jump-start your own

internal warming abilities,

my heart shivered too,

bemoaning that there was

nothing else I could do.

Then an idea floated through my head

Did one of you send it?

I brought out a towel

so I could rub down your bodies.

Another idea tumbled through

my mind.

And I put a towel in the drier.

Racing back out to you

I draped it over your back.

And you,

you  stopped eating

and lifted your head.

Eyes softened, and we stood together.

One, a shivering horse and

the other, a woman trying to

dredge up some mothering instincts.

And I wished that

someone would drape

a warm towel

over my shivering heart.

But I suppose you did that

when you radiated your appreciation

for the time I took to

warm your body.

I hold hope that tomorrow

will be gentler.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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