On noticing your body’s reactions


Notice the way your body moves and responds to the emotions that course through your living body.

Does disappointment cause your chest to drop?  Does excitement send a sizzle of electric energy buzzing and dancing along your living skin? Does love make your heart beat so strongly you feel that half the world can hear it?

We are not separate from our feelings.  They live in us, they inspire physical responses in your body.  They call to your control center and request (demand?) answering releases of chemicals to flood through your body.  It can be delicious and scary and beautiful and irritation all at the same time.

All your body asks of you is to pay attention.

Pay attention to what it tells you when you eat or drink something.  Pay attention to how it responds to a stimulus (did you get a text from your crush?  Get invited to give a presentation?  Get accepted for something you applied for?  Get denied a job you were hoping for?) and really start to listen. Your body is your best guide through this life. Regardless of whether you believe in guiding forces, guardian angels, helpful (or not) spirits, etc., the only physical entity we’ve been giving to quite literally walk us through this life is our body.

The least you can do is pay attention to it and start to learn its language.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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