Blessed is the beauty of your life

Blessed are those who have made it here, now.  Blessed are those who have felt the furious heart-pounding element of pure wrath and have felt the tang of bitter disappointment fill their mouths.  Blessed are you, for you have chosen to be here.  You have chosen to hurt.  To love.  To see.  To feel.  To accept.  To experience.


Blessed is your heartache and your ecstasy.  Blessed is the bottom of your darkest sorrow (and all its black, mineral silt that keeps you stuck) and the shine of your most true self. Blessed is the time when you opened to the insistent truth of the universe and also the (many) times you shut out the beating rhythm of life’s continued melody.  Blessed is the stab of regret and the pang of uncertainty; the gut-punch feeling of utter betrayal. Blessed is the time when you realized that writing was the only thing that would ever help you make sense of what happened.

Blessed are you, for choosing to be here.  Do you still feel like you belong elsewhere?  You do. You belong among the heat of the stars.  You belong to the soft velvet of the middle of the universe.  You belong to the shine on a butterfly’s wings.  Do you still despise what you belong to?  That’s ok.  Who’s to say that isn’t part of the divine plan?  Who’s to say you didn’t choose to be unsettled here, that you wanted to feel what it felt like to have one foot out the door and an existence you’re not really sure means anything at all.  But I’ll tell you true, it DOES mean something.

So, dear one.  Please keep walking.  Place one foot in front of the other.  Believe me when I say you can’t get lost here, because all paths lead to the same end, eventually.  When you’re stuck in the mud of your own unruly existence, I will extend my hand to you to help pull you up.  And then I will leave you to continue on your way.

And believe me when I say, you’re creating the most beautiful path.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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