Once, you inspired a fire in my heartspace,

one that smelled of cedar trees and sandalwood

and felt like a thunderstorm.

This fire is not for you, not anymore.

I can no longer bear the weight of your memory and my own becoming,

so I must ask one to leave,

and I’m sure you understand which one must stay

so that I may rise up to become my own lover.

Yes it’s true that I once sought refuge in your presence,

and then in your memory

and I held the weight of both our futures in my soft palm

held open for you

in trusting acceptance of our then-aligned paths.

I let gravity pull me down,

down into your arms

where I was cradled by the scent of certainty

and lulled into a solace born of devotion.

Devotion to an idea, a desire, an unmet longing.

I composed sonnets to you

in my love-soaked heart.

But now, my best poems

are given to my own holy being.

I gently breathe life

into this  new-forged passion of Self,

sparked into being by a lover that I once knew

but now exists

only as a memory.

Rest assured though,

for you are woven into

the tapestry of my very soul,

a tapestry which is complex and beautiful

because of your contributions to its creation.

True, I am made of the fabric of the stars,

but your touch lives

in the seams of me and the fire of me.

But rather than let this fire consume me

with leftover passion,

it steadily burns away what was,

leaving space for what is and what will be.

This fire is my truth.

And your memory I blow away

into the velvet darkness

of the Wild that lives in me.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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2 Responses to Tapestry

  1. I love this piece. I especially enjoy how you describe saying goodbye to a once lived love.

    • aletalane says:

      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment! I write only for myself, to make sense of the world, but when someone leaves a comment on how my piece moved them, well it moves me beyond words. ❤

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