I could fall in love with you

If you want me to, I could get lost in the landscape of your eyes,

and the way your hands feel on my arm

could invite goosebumps to skin’s surface

in a physical affirmation of the words that would get caught

in the back of my throat.


Yes, I could fall in love with you.

And we would have the best of times

inviting all of ourselves to the surface

of a new relationship.


I won’t apologize for the way we’ll eventually fall apart

though both of us would try to stop it,

putting our hands over crying hearts

and trying to find just the right

material to put in place to stop our falling apart.


Or maybe, maybe we wouldn’t fall apart.

Maybe we would love each other fiercely.

Maybe you would get drunk on the scent of

my rose petal skin

and my fingers, insistent with their intentions,

would sketch words from my heart into your chest for hours.

And maybe that is how we’d spend our life together,

slowly building a tapestry.


Yes, I could fall in love with you

if you’d let me.


About aletalane

I am a learner.
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