For the love of a good dog

I’m still not sure what I did to deserve your undying affection

for you love me without shame

and do not chastise me for coming home late after work and a few beers,

but rather you lay sleeping peacefully until I wake up

and I say

‘Good morning sweet girl’

and you thump your tail and give me that good-dog grin.

Sometimes I catch you looking at me, seal-slick head raised, brown eyes sly

What do your dog-eyes see in me

that gives me worth to be held in such high esteem?

Your affection gives me worth beyond earthly measures

so though I may be worth little in the eyes of mankind,

your dog-love fills my heart beyond our planetary bounds

and for that, my whole body smiles and I ask you if you’d like to go outside

to which you respond


by nearly knocking my books and water glasses off the table

with your wildly wagging tail

and you run wildly through the house to the door,

paws scrabbling cartoon-style on my wood floors.

I’ll tell you again that I love you beyond measure

and you’ll respond the same by letting me kiss your soft nose

and smiling into my face,

although I tell you (again) that I’d rather not smell your breath


What did I ever do to deserve such love in my life?




About aletalane

I am a learner.
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