When she’s alone

When she’s alone
she cries out
To let her feel
Her soul
Moving like water
She wants to know
How it makes its way
Through the cracks
That make up her inner canyons

Let her be inside
The ocean waves
As they crash upon
Her sandy shore
Where she can be
A part of the change
Rather than let the change
Take over her
And be left unaware

When she’s alone
She cries out
To feel the force
Of thundering floods
That break the temple
That she’s built
Inside of her
From everything
That she has been

How does it feel
To be torn apart
And to rebuild again
From a beginning that
She never expected
Eyes open wide
To see the force
Required to make
Her whole being awaken

When she’s alone
She cries out
To be released
From all that binds
And let go of what
no longer serves
And everything
is a mirror
Reflecting all
She’s been so far

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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