The need for change

Let me in

Oh God, let me in

Let me in so I can follow
the internal thread of desire down to its source
Show me that hidden entrance to my heart
the entrance that, once found, is lost to me no longer

Let me remember that heart-pound, that quick shaking of limbs
that tells me loudly


Yes. This is it.

A catch in the throat
and an up-welling of tears…
The kind that can’t be stopped

And why would you want to?

For if, like me, your tears taste of truth
then we should go in.  Together.
Just to remember that we are not alone

We stand together, on legs made strong
with Love and compassion
And our hearts that beat in tune with Love
cannot be stopped

Tell me, what is stronger
than the pull of metamorphosis?
The need to change
that cannot be denied

And why would you want to?

Because all we ever do is change
Change with season, age, wants, needs

We need to change in order to grow.
We need to desire in order to change.
We need to open in order to desire.
We need to accept in order to open.

Must I go on, or have you had an epiphany?
A glance out the window
A searching of your face in the mirror
A quiet contemplation

Love never changes
And when you remember that,
I pray you will remember how it feels
to fall down in gratitude instead of sorrow

Sometimes, all we need is to answer the knock at our door.

Let me in.



About aletalane

I am a learner.
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