On finding joy again

Seeking community
Seeking to be a wildflower,
Singular amongst a field,
Yet full of a sense of belonging
And knowing she is beautiful

I have spent days idly sitting
Holding my hurting heart
In too-small hands
Raindrops running down
The window to my soul

Where is the wildflower
Waiting to burst forth
In a righteous field?
Questions filled my mouth
Like ash and dried me up

Yet my Soul allows this
She settled around me
A cloak protecting
My divinity, keeping me whole
Until I could quiet myself once again

And one day I remembered
That I still have hands
Capable of reaching out
Both to ask and to give
Of my body’s gifts

I ask and I give
And then suddenly I find
Myself lending hands and voice
To sing devotion
And experience Joy

My voice is full and my eyes send
Tears of gratitude to my heart
Where they bathe her and thank her
Continued devotion to my body
She is a daffodil

I join my voice in Holy
Communion the best way
I know how- I sing with the choir
And marvel at the voices
Separate, and holding

Their own distinct beauty
But together, we are a field
Of wildflowers
Singular in our beauty
And a miracle to behold together

Some are new blooms
Just starting to understand how
To take the sun’s offering
Nourishment to coax
The bloom into showing

Others are starting to
Wither and show their age
Yet still they raise
Voices higher to give thanks
To our own personal God (or Soul)

In this field of beauty we show
The true meaning of seeking
Holiness, together
Yet separate and we all sing

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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