the moonlight effect

Wander among the trees at night
and moonlight will echo the pattern of stars
on the solid ground,
her little way of joining heaven and earth.
Under the spell of moonlight,
lovers sigh in unison
but is it a sigh of
love fulfilled or love unrequited?
Sighs delivered in moonlight
all sound the same
and one must stop thinking
to know the difference.
Constellations will tell you
old stories of lovers
meeting furtively under the watchful eyes of the moon.
Weapons laid aside,
(those words that aim straight at the heart)
lovers grievances forgotten,
the spell of moonlight
momentarily halts the pains
endured by day.
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For the love of a good dog

I’m still not sure what I did to deserve your undying affection

for you love me without shame

and do not chastise me for coming home late after work and a few beers,

but rather you lay sleeping peacefully until I wake up

and I say

‘Good morning, good morning sweet girl’

and you thump your tail and give me that good-dog grin

Sometimes I catch you looking at me, seal-slick head raised, brown eyes sly

What do your dog-eyes see in me

that gives me worth to be held in such high esteem?

Your affection gives me worth beyond earthly treasures

so though I may be worth but little in the eyes of mankind

your dog-love fills my heart beyond our planetary bounds

and for that, my whole body smiles and I ask you if you’d like to go outside

to which you respond


by knocking my books and glasses off the table with

your wildly wagging tail

and you scratch my wood floors as you attempt to run through the house to the door,

paws scrabbling cartoon-style

I’ll tell you again that I love you beyond measure

and you’ll respond the same by letting me kiss your soft nose

and smiling into my face, although I tell you (again) that I’d rather not smell your breath


What did I ever do to deserve such love in my life?




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Breathe deep

Cry out

Turn inward

Tread softly

Love freely

Run hard

Kiss sweetly

Dance wild

Touch gently

Feel fully

Laugh loudly

Cry honestly

Smile willingly

Rest often

Travel onward






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I could fall in love with you

If you want me to, I could get lost in the landscape of your eyes,

and the way your hands feel on my arm

could invite goosebumps to skin’s surface

in a physical affirmation of the words that would get caught

in the back of my throat.


Yes, I could fall in love with you.

And we would have the best of times

inviting all of ourselves to the surface

of a new relationship.


I won’t apologize for the way we’ll eventually fall apart

though both of us would try to stop it,

putting our hands over crying hearts

and trying to find just the right

material to put in place to stop our falling apart.


Or maybe, maybe we wouldn’t fall apart.

Maybe we would love each other fiercely.

Maybe you would get drunk on the scent of

my rose petal skin

and my fingers, insistent with their intentions,

would sketch words from my heart into your chest for hours.

And maybe that is how we’d spend our life together,

slowly building a tapestry.


Yes, I could fall in love with you

if you’d let me.


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A unique offering from a wonderful mentor and writing coach

Do you have a story to tell?

Of course you do.  We all do.  The real question is, are you ready to use your story thus-far, all the ups and downs of it, to set yourself free?  My mentor, and someone I’m proud to call a friend, Jeanette Leblanc, is offering one of her best courses again, Unleashed.  I’ve taken several of her courses and couldn’t help but fall in love with how amazing she is at coaxing out your story and helping you use it to take yourself home. 

I’ve learned more about who I am, and WHY I am, with her hand at my back, gently encouraging me forward.  She knows how to help you find the words you may not know you have, or may be afraid to put to paper (or computer screen).

Follow the link here to see what she has to offer you.

And check out her work to see if what she offers is a fit for you.  her most popular posts are here (My favorite is Blessed Be).

May your heart ever guide you forward and bring you the support you need to help you unleash YOU.

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The beauty of the sensual

Resides among the trees

Who so gracefully offer themselves

To the space around them

Curve of branch

Sigh of leaves

Moan of cracking branches among

The rushing wind


Trees know a thing or two

About the nature of the sensuous

And so

If you wish to understand

The mystery of desire

Offer your questions to

The wise trees

Whose holy gazes

Have beheld

This mystery

For many times your lifetime

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the sun rises in my heart

and I can do nothing in response but bloom where I am



I find you sleeping

and I must breathe in the peace you exhale



I catch the eye of a stranger

and I must bow down to the ways in which they are completing the universe



a poem is many words

but you know in your bones that its meaning is but one thing



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