Mornings with Dogs

morning Photo courtesy of Alex Kotomanov on Unsplash

My soundtrack of choice
every morning is 3 sets of
4-legged toes tapping
behind me.
I walk through the house
searching for a clean shirt,
a pair of shoes,
my stranded cup of coffee.

The longer I go from
room to room,
the more insistent the sound
of tapping toes.
At last I find my shoes
and they stir themselves
into a frenzy
of rearing legs and sneezing.

A mad rush to the door,
the cat dodges
left and right
to escape the
Three noses push at the
storm door until at last I fling
it open.

They burst
triumphantly into freedom
only to end up in
the front yard
with heads swinging
to-and-fro as they
stare about,
wondering where to sniff first.

One lays down on the driveway,
another sniffs idly after
a buzzing bee,
the third just looks at me
in confusion.
It is a poor climax
to what promised to be
a great adventure.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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