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your inspiration impregnates me with potential and I give birth to things I didn’t know that I could grow inside me. Advertisements

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Pointing homeward

Somewhere out there I believe there’s a star that points me in the direction of home, and that this star creates a light fractal that mirrors the design that is in my heart; I will know the way home because … Continue reading

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Hello to you Who I know from lives which can no longer claim me I recognize you through tears; They streak the windowpane Of the glass house That resides around who I am now.   -Renewal

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When she’s alone

When she’s alone she cries out To let her feel Her soul Moving like water She wants to know How it makes its way Through the cracks That make up her inner canyons Let her be inside The ocean waves … Continue reading

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It’s time to go

It’s time to go. Does that scare you? Did you just brush your hand down your shivering arm, now covered in goosebumps? Did you wrap yourself around whatever it is you’re holding on to just a little bit tighter? It’s … Continue reading

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