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I can’t believe it’s not butter

“not butter? then what the hell did I just eat” spread “I still say it’s butter” spread “After all the damage you’ve done to this family with your habitual lying and deceit, you still have the nerve to sit there … Continue reading

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The seasons send their ruin as they go, For in the spring the narciss shows its head Nor withers till the rose has flamed to red, And in the autumn purple violets blow, And the slim crocus stirs the winter … Continue reading

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Longer than

Longer than thereve been fishes in the ocean Higher than any bird ever flew Longer than thereve been stars up in the heavens Ive been in love with you. Stronger than any mountain cathedral Truer than any tree ever grew … Continue reading

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I Am

Oh gently lay your head upon my chest And I will comfort you like a mother while you rest. The tide can change so fast but while I stay the same through Past, the same in Future, same Today. Oh … Continue reading

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Where my heart lies

I was born to live in the cold weather.  It is what I was meant for.  I could never live in an area that did not get snow.  My darling northern Michigan (with which I have been parted since moving … Continue reading

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Into the West

I recently sat down and watched the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy, the extended editions.  These movies, especially the Return of the King, affected me greatly.  One day, I might sit down with you and tell you what ran … Continue reading

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A glimpse into my soul

Who is worthy of my heart?  Is there one alive that could contain my mighty spirit, my unquenchable passion?  If there is such a one, I have not met him yet.  Oh I have felt love, always fleeting, moments of … Continue reading

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