Mourning death, celebrating life

Nathaniel Clifford Denay was a light in the world. The whole family is sensationally joyful and uplifting. But Nate was especially so. There was not a stranger in the world, only a friend waiting to be met. When he walked into the room, you could feel the energy and good vibes come in with him. A very intelligent man, he could take anything apart and put it back together again, most likely making it better in the process. He loved to create, inspire, build, etc. There wasn’t anything he was afraid to try. He lived a life of passion and joy. Truly.

My heart hurts knowing the pain and grief his family is experiencing. He left behind a mother, father, sister, wife of two years, and so many friends. I know he is still here, waiting to be realized and experienced in new ways. We will see him in the most unexpected of places. But that doesn’t take away the pain.

“Death begins at life’s first breath and life begins at touch of death”
You will be greatly missed Nate, but we will meet again another time another place.

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