What I like best

There is not much better than these moments beheld now. What I like best is a walk in the woods after a summer rain. The smell of wet leaves hangs in the air, lingering raindrops land on my face, my eyelashes become wet with the tears of the sky. Deadened sounds seep forth from beneath my step, weighed down by watery salvation. Rays of sun flashing through the holes in the forest canopy give light to all the was dark mere moments ago. Makes it look as though each leaf has its own light shining forth, lighting my way home. And the birds chirrup on in their merry way.

What I like best is the heat of a warm sun on my back as I build a bond with one of my best friends, the one in horse form. They say the sun causes cancer if you’re out in it longer than, say, 30 seconds. But doesn’t everything give you cancer? I’ll take the cancer of the sun over man-made cancerous materials any day. Besides, the earth cannot truthfully damage her daughter, not she who praises her blessings. No, those beautiful beams sink into my soul and replenish it. Filling me with light, with warmth, with blessings to spare. And I continue to linger with this being who loves me enough not to stray from my heart. And he walks towards me and burrows his face into my chest, head lowered as I whisper my love into his fuzzy ear.

What I like best is walking into the house of those for whom I babysit, and hear the pitter patter of little feet and a giggling, curly and red-haired little girl races to me and hugs me. I like best the feeling of little hands patting the horse tattoo on my shoulder, neighing like a horse. I like best little noses rubbing against mine in an eskimo kiss, and little mouths saying they love me too.

I like best watching baby birds be hatched inside a grill, which the resourceful parents have filled with hay and grass. And opening the grill cautiously to peer in on baby birds who are all feathers and mouths. I like watching them grow into adults and then take their first flight with surprise and joy. And seeing the whole family fly around, new wings beating hard.

I like best the feelings of peace and contentment, and knowing deep within my soul that I am exactly where I need to be. For now, all the world is mine. I rest easy with that feeling. And I fight on, with love in my heart and a fire in my soul.

About aletalane

I am a learner.
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