the green movement fanaticism

It’s wrong, wrong, all of it is WRONG!  I’m talking about the ‘green movement’, this trend toward consuming and purchasing products made in a ‘green’ manner.  What is green, anyway?  Who started this trend?  Like all trends, the green movement is being eaten up by consumers worldwide.  The marketing strategies target families with young children, who are concerned for their family’s health and well-being.  Since the awareness of the chemicals in everyday products, mothers and fathers of today’s children are scared that their children will develop monster tumors, or developmental problems, or any number of scary things.  So consumers started pushing for eco- and child-friendly products.  And name-brand companies such as clorox, pepsi, coca-cola, etc are developing products aimed at that consumer bracket, or are just pushing the eco-friendly manner in which their products are made and sold.

What I want is to see people less concerned with jumping on the green movement bandwagon and start consuming less and actually making a frickin’ impact on the earth.  I tell you, it is NOT eco-friendly to simply change a marketing strategy and introduce words such as ‘sustainability’ and ‘environmentally friendly’.  Let’s see a reduction in the amount of land being used for cattle, monocrops, genetically modified crops, etc,  and start introducing permaculturally-oriented landscapes, wild places for increased opportunities for foraging and wildcrafting, natural landscapes being reintroduced to increase proper nutrient content and usage.  Learn about development strategies such as cluster development, decreasing impervious surfaces, making use of what you have instead of always wanting more.  THESE are the real eco-friendly strategies.

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