I am in a delirium of antibiotics and inner ear pain, so my words may meander more than usual…

There is so much more to many of the people that I meet.  Sometimes I meet a person, and they might have an effect on me (positive or negative) but it’s usually not until later, when I can contemplate that person in a quiet place in my mind, that I truly get an opinion of them.  It’s interesting how different people mean different things to a person, as we all take what we need from our companions, at the times we need what they offer.  I firmly believe that all things come to pass in the time they are meant, but that does not mean that we as humans take full advantage of what comes to pass.  Have you ever thought with longing back to a certain time, a certain opportunity?  And felt a deep pull in you, something you can’t quite place?  I think that pull speaks of opportunities gone by where the gifts offered to you weren’t reached out to and taken.  Too many people I think get caught up in those feelings, and so do not move onto each next opportunity.  This creates a vortex of longings, of moments not being realized of their potential.  It is wise to contemplate and meditate on these moments in life, as they appear.  And I think that some people try to take more out of a given moment than is supposed to be taken.  I myself am guilty of this, although I cannot always see what I am doing until it is too late.

I would also like to wander to the subject of Soul Mates.  I just finished reading a book called Brida, by Paulo Coelho.  It was a very interesting book, touching on the subjects of witches and Earth wisdom, and Soul Mates.  I myself have debated this subject for years, trodding it into the ground and creating dust out of it.  At this moment in time, I do believe in Soul Mates.  But, not that there is just one for everyone.  And I don’t think of them just in a lover’s way.  There are just some people who fit your life better than others, and stay in it for a lifetime. They are not all in your life at the same time, but they all certainly have a purpose.  Sometimes you might not recognize a Soul Mate for what it is, until after the moment has passed.  That is all right, as long as you come to the realization at some point.  Life is not about recognizing each moment for what it is and the gifts they bring(although it is good to practice holding moments in awareness). But as long as you learn to recognize and become aware of a gift for what it is, no matter how long it’s been since that gift has been in your life, then you will keep progressing.  Be wary of stagnancy, which comes from lack of awareness.  Do not be stagnant in your life for too long that you grow too comfortable.

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