Let it be

I joined a ‘talisman of the month’ club (www.soulmantras.com.  Check it out, it’s awesome).

For the month of March, the mantra is ‘Let It Be’.

Those are scary words for a world in which we strive to fight doing exactly that, letting things be.  We strive to save, to change, to re-structure, to make things different (‘better’).

And we forget that there’s beauty in just letting things be as they are.  In letting the world be exactly as it is, and in letting life be as it is: good, bad, scary, joyful, nurturing, cruel…You get the point, I’m sure.  There’s beauty in letting the struggle be.  In letting the emotions be.  In letting the stillness be.  In letting the boldness be.  In letting the pain be.  In letting the beauty be.  In letting the flavors of life sizzle and snap on our feeling skin and waiting tongue.  And all that we taste of life on our tongues surely have an opposite flavor that we must also taste. Sorrow and joy.  Apathy and ecstasy.  Birth and death.  Fear and courage.

We spend so much time and energy trying to transmute what we consider bad (fear, sorrow, pain) into what we consider good (love, joy, comfort).  We forget that sometimes, not everything needs to be changed by us.  Sometimes, we just need to let go and let it be and see what alchemy comes from the being and the sitting and the waiting. In the end, all that matters is that we let life be as it is, the good and the bad and everything in between.

Can you let the knife-like edges of life’s sorrow cut you ever more deeply, carving out flesh and blood and bone?  Can you then carry yourself across the depths of the aching sea we call life, baptizing yourself in all that it is?  Can you let the bitter edges of that carved-out spot of sorrow be gilded in the sweetness of the inevitable joy that follows the sorrow?

Sit for awhile.  See what ‘letting it be’ can do in your life.

let it be



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