The wonder of the season

Well, it is officially upon us.  The gardening season.  The seeds I started a few weeks ago are all well on their way, growing beautifully.  I am putting up a cold frame at my office, which I am SUPER excited for.  We had some extra wood frames already put together from our research prep, and some spare hard plastic from the rain-out shelters we constructed for our peat bins, AND some spare peat soil from a separate research project.  How perfect is that?  And I didn’t have to pay for any of the materials 🙂

Today I spent the afternoon in the garden, prepping two more little beds (it’s hard to find sunny spots in our garden).  Calendula and some poppy seeds went in the ground, and I’m waiting maybe one more week before I put the transplants in.  I wish I had a little more garden space so I could plant all my calendula seeds (of which I have a TON), but I suppose I must just wait until I have my own house, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later!!  Here’s to happy daydreams…

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